Tutoring Business – Some Questions About Starting a Tutoring Business

What are the best way for getting new tutoring clients?

Making relationships with local teachers and schools has been HUGE for everyone! 90% of Tutoring business comes from direct referrals from teachers.

How can you know what rates to charge your tutoring clients?

Make a call to other tutoring companies and you can know how they charge. For your area, you would consider yourself to be a “high cost” tutor and you are okay with this. I think most of times tutors price themselves too low and end up attracting the clients that are not truly committed to the end result but strictly focus on the price per hour. These aren’t the parents or students you want to work with on an ongoing basis.

How can retain clients over the long term?

Most parents will stay with you if their sons improve and enjoy the tutoring sessions. It is important to communicate with parents after every session and the student’s teachers and everyone is on the same page and the parents are starting to count on you to do this and appreciate this interaction.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had with your tutoring business?

Do not be paid at the front and then having to collect, after already providing tutoring session. It is a challenge, but if you offer incentives for parents to pay in advance, you will not have a problem.

What is your favorite part about having your own tutoring business?

I love that I get everything back that I put into this company and the best part of tutoring is that you have the wonderful feeling of knowing that you made a direct difference in the life of a student. Not only are you helping them with their knowledge on a particular topic, but you give them confidence and empowerment that will have a direct effect on their self-esteem.