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If you are trying to study for your PMP Certification exam, our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you prepare for it. There are many study terminologies on the test, ranging from process groups and knowledge areas, memorizing these terminologies may not be the best answer, especially when trying to study for such rigorous exam.

Understanding the concepts presented on the test is the key.   Knowing 5 major processes and how to decipher what they mean is also necessary in order to prepare for your exam with confidence.

In fact entire PMP test is based on these 5 processes that you should know.


So what processes are we talking about?   If you have not picked your PMBOK yet and did not review what 5 processes are then you should probably do that first.  However PMBOK is extremely cryptic, and hard to read not to mention understand what it’s talking about.  Reading it is almost equivalent to reading a big car manual, then trying to follow what each part means and how it relates to another part.  PMBOK organizational structure is indeed really precise and it’s considered a bible for your PMP test taking studies.  Studying from this book as initial step is a must since entire exam is based on it.

However PMP exam is not just about PMBOK Memorization concepts

do you know how to study for pmp exam?

PMP certification exam focuses a lot on situational questions, which frankly speaking very difficult to understand especially if you do not have much experience.   YES PMBOK presents many concepts that you need to know and memorize, but not by forcing yourself to memorize them, but by using special tactics that can help you memorize them and understand.  In order to understand each concept easier our company has created FREE real world examples for PMP exam takers helping them reinforce their PMBOK concepts.

As you continue reading our blog site you will notice multiple references to different type of real world examples based on specific process, and how we tie it all up together for future PMP exam test takers to study for their certification exam the best way. 

How can we help you the future PMP exam test taker pass your exam?

how we can help you prepare for pmp exam

We created useful tips and Quiz Drill Exercises to help you reinforce your knowledge of 5 major processes

In addition to creating real world examples and linking them to process groups and knowledge areas, we have created solidified PMP Math exam formulas in a beatified power point format with study tips, FREE sample practice questions examples solidifying each project management math formulas with answers and explanations, FREE sample drill PMP exercises helping you memorize 5 major processes.  PMP Drill exercises are created by our educational company Tutoring Services, LLC research analysts .

We created solidified PMP Test Preparation Search Engine for future exam takers

which pmp study path will you chose?

We realize that there are so many study materials on the market and it’s hard to study from all of the study resources on your own for busy professionals.  There are 100s of blogs sites that have information about PMP exam, by the time you finish reviewing all of the blog sites searching for what test preparation material is the best you may end up a lot of time.

To make it easier for future project management professional students to achieve their PMP certification and pass their exam with confidence, our company has created special tactics search engine, the search engine is designed to pull multiple study materials on the market and place them together in one spot.  Making it easier for students to make their decision in regards to which study material to study from when traveling through their PMP certification journey.


Our PMP Search engine is unique


pmp test taking search engine

Our search engine has test preparation materials listings of major PMP exam training vendors, resources that you can leverage on your own to study for PMP exam at your FREE time, for example Bootcamp, or self guided resources in the form of flash cards, exam secrets, Rita’s book, PMBOk, online live classes led by instructors, PM primers, and many other resources that can help you study for your exam organized in a single location.

study resources for pmp test

We also provide useful study paths helping students determine which study path they will take, when preparing for their exam.  With inter combination of our FREE math formulas, drill exercises reinforcing 5 major processes, real world examples for each major process, study tips, reviews, ratings and recommendations from our company, PMP exam test takers can increase their chances of passing their certification exam.

We provide reviews, ratings recommendations and lessons learned from other PMP exam test takers

pmp decision making

Our search engine is designed intuitively to show students PMP certification exam general information, info graphic about what exam is, per-requisites, what it covers, what topics it covers. We have provided useful study tips on our study guide  search engine for many of the study guides listed, provided our reviews and recommendations and lessons learned from other PMP exam takers and lessons learned from our own company’s Tutoring Services, LLC PMP research.

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC done extensive research to help you prepare for PMP

Here is what we did.

  1. Identified what study materials exist on the market
  2. Created search engine to place it all one place
  3. Created methods to help students understand concepts presented on PMBOK
  4. Methods include Sample Drill Exercises, PMP Math Formulas, Real World examples
  5. Provided Opportunity for PMP test taker who took exam to make money on part time basis teaching other students
  6. Added multiple blog sites through our educational network of sites feeding information to PMP test takers in easy to understand way
  7. Reviewed multiple blog sites with multiple lessons learned from other PMP exam test takers
  8. Listed some of these PMP exams lessons learned
  9. Created reviews,ratings, recommendations for major PMP study preparation resources based on our research that can help students pass their exam.
  10. Created different study paths based on student’s needs, some paths are more affordable then others.
  11. Partnered up with multiple study training vendors, reviewed what they have to offer and listed them on search engine to help us generate some income for no extra cost to you, while also helping students prepare for their PMP exam.
  12. Interlinked our Used College Books Website search engine, engine that we created to help students save money on project management books, by allowing students to sell and buy books directly from each other on college campus, avoiding middle man once again, message that our company Tutoring Services, LLC delivered since 2008.
  13. Created Introductory videos to help students understand how we can help Project management students
  14. Added useful project management templates that can help current IT Managers and Project Directors to save time on projects, or help existing project managers impress their boss and listed may of these templates for every major project management process on our site.
  15. We have created mathematical formulas based on what we seen on other blogs, saw how they relate to PMBOK saw how relevant they are to the exam and created sample exercises for many of these formulas with practical example questions with answers and explanations all FREE of charge to you.
  16. We have created graphics and useful study tips, that can help students better understand concepts,

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